My Saturday Scenes Serial

#SaturdayScenes in Google Plus is a fantastic new community hotspot created by John Ward.

Saturday Scenes: Practicing in Public.

I know I’m enjoying it immensely and being a co-owner with Steve Turnbull and a slew of great moderators we appreciate so much. The interacting, reading great scenes from others, and posting weekly in imagethe community has not only increased my daily writing twofold, but also has taught me so much about the writing process itself.

Reading other writing styles in scenes posted by some wonderful authors/writers — and getting great feedback by them reading mine — is fantastic! And did I mention how much I appreciate everyone, whether a SS community member or not, taking the time to ‘plus one’ or comment how much they like it?  

And more importantly giving good feedback with an honest critique. That helps me tremendously. 

It’s so very encouraging to a new writer, basically an unknown,  as we have to be brave enough to put our work ‘out there’, by practicing in public, and I’d be lying if I said hitting the post button was easy. I had clammy hands. Still do sharing openly.

Here’s my serial,  I posted a new chapter/scene each week from July of 2014 to January of 2015. You can follow the hastag #TheAmigurumiMenagerie if you are on  g+ for tge whole first drafts of chapters 1- 23.

Then it got put on hold. Life happened, as it does for us all, leaving the serial a few chapters short of completion. I picked it back up a few months later, rolled up my sleeves, and got that sucker finished!

Felt so good! It’s getting polished with professional editing by Karen Conlin, who I have gotten to know through google plus. She has grammar website here

The Amigurumi Menagerie was fun to write. It is a funky, weird and completely different from anything you’ve ever read. (I hope). I feel my readers will be mostly women of all ages, but, I know there are also a lot of men who might like it too. It is a mashup of comedic light horror, sci-fi, with a touch of suspense. 

In case you’re not on google plus, here are some links ti each chapter to whet your whistle. Remember, these are just drafts posted as a serial on #SaturdayScenes each Saturday πŸ˜‰



The Amigurumi Menagerie by Ronda K. Reed – Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6


2 thoughts on “My Saturday Scenes Serial

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    • Hello Grace! Yes, I have been in edting and rewrite purgatory. Ha! I have let it rest ahile after the copy edits of Karen Conlin. She is amazing and I appreciate her insights so much. The ending needed work/reworking, but hopefully the complete novel will be ready soon. Thank you for missing The Amigurumi Menagerie.


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